NORD Architects launched in 2010, marking a new venture with extensive expertise in the design of hotels, destination resorts, hotel renovations, and mixed-use developments.  With offices in Newport Beach and San Diego, the firm’s design approach respects and reflects the distinct social, cultural, and architectural traditions of the communities in which they belong.

The firm is consciously structured to ensure Bill Nord’s participation in each project, capitalizing on his expertise in the hospitality industry.  As Principal Architect, Bill Nord is responsible for the project management of all phases of development – from feasibility analysis and design throughout construction, with the dedicated support of our talented design team.

NORD Architects takes great pride in our flexibility and range of skills and abilities including crafting architecture appropriate to its context, collaborating with project team members and creating a unique and strong design presence.  The firm is committed to exploring and improving the guest experience through architecture, design, and planning.  We produce work with the understanding that it does not exist in isolation and with the intent it actively contributes to enhancing the environment.

For new-build projects, we strive to integrate the natural landscape with humanity’s needs for the benefit of both.  We sensibly guard the delicate balance of the land’s natural state through artistic and site-specific solutions that embrace both the natural and cultural environs.  This leads to a successful project that can be sustained for generations to come.


A few simple foundational principles guide our initial approach to any project.  We begin with a desire to understand and serve the needs of the client coupled with taking into account the unique site context and assets.  We also directly address issues of sustainability with intelligent use of resources, efficient design, and proactive technologies.  And finally, it is crucial that we maintain the creative integrity of every project we undertake.

While these principles ground our work generally, we know that it is equally important for us to take on every project anew with a fresh and original approach that matches the specific needs of the situation.   Every endeavor deserves a unique set of design parameters, allowing for an independent and impartial exploration of the challenges at hand.

Spearheaded by the continuous focus and efforts of Bill Nord, each project the firm undertakes is shaped by a well-rounded staff that maintains a strong commitment to create design solutions that are individually tailored to suit the specific criteria for each project.  Our design solutions are inspiring and innovative, yet ever mindful of our client’s needs to meet budget and scheduling needs.  We are able to maintain our standards of design excellence for all projects despite financial or time constraints due to our efficient and effective use of resources.  Our people listen, respond and deliver what our clients need, want and envision.

Collaboration is our culture. We strive to engage all members of the design team in developing creative design solutions where all stakeholders can take pride in the successful outcome of the project.  Our teams are built on a project-by-project basis, in a non-hierarchical, open environment. This broadens the impact of every lesson learned — and every design challenge solved — by expanding collaboration beyond traditional silos of market experience.

We believe that we best serve our clients by remaining flexible and agile in a continuously changing market. Our professional staff offers the benefits of a broad depth of experience in the hospitality industry.  We are committed to promoting sustainable practices by engaging timeless architectural design axioms with innovative technology to create exceptional and innovative building solutions.


The professional services NORD Architects provides are formulated in the context of what we believe are the four keys to a successful project:

  • A well-defined scope
  • Extensive early planning
  • Good working relationship with client
  • Good project team chemistry

With these key attributes in place, clients can take confidence in the team’s ability to design and manage every detail of a project, from creating the vision, designing the project, and managing the process to generate inspired design solutions.



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